Patterson Park Series | 8mm Laminate


 This floor is a warm brown and gray floor with great embossing texture. 


Augusta's color is highly varied from a very light to dark Brown tones.  The surface texture and pattern show high definition simulations of burlwood, saw chatter, woodgrain, cracks and knots.  


Heron Laminate Flooring has a is a sophisticated blend of gray, beige and a warm Tan.  With the simulation of a wire-brushed hardwood technique you'll see the woodgrain contrasted in a lighter hue.  


Georgetown is traditional crafted maple floor with a rich, traditional cherry red color. 


 Bristol Laminate Flooring has great saw chatter, circle-saw marks, and weathering to give your room an undeniable vintage look.  The colors range from a warm gray to warm brown.   


Lexington Laminate Flooring is darker, warmer than Heron and has the same colors and wire-brushed technique.  

Enviromentally Friendly

All of our Patterson Park Series Floors are CARB2 Certified, meaning they meet the most up-to-date air quality standards putting your mind at ease as this floor is installed in your home.  

AC4 Rated

The Patterson Park Floors Aluminum Oxide wearlayer is  AC4 Rated for the best Residential Rating and Medium Commercial Rating.   These floors will last in your home for years and years to come. 

Great Features

15 year warranty is standard on Patterson Park Series Floors.  All of these floors come standard with Unilin Click Technology and Micro V-Bevel.